feldenkrais method

with Philipp Ruthner
Dates and locations Spring/Summer 2023
Saturday 18.3., 3–6 pm Heiligenkreuzerhof
Friday 21.4., 6:30–9 pm Heiligenkreuzerhof
Satruday 27.5., 8:30–11 pm Angewandte Performance Lab
Saturday 24.6., 3–6 pm Zukunftshof

©Anahita Asadifar

Based on the movement research of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, we play with these ideas: bending to the ground, rising, swinging the scythe and sowing. All knowledge is already contained in the body. We imagine the future and bring into existence what is not yet possible.

Philipp Ruthner has been working as a Feldenkrais teacher for 16 years with people on the refinement and acquisition of new or forgotten movement possibilities, in Vienna and Basel.


Date December 2022
with Philipp Ruthner & Ute Neuber
Details Carrying & Being Carried