with a focus on the garden as a communal space and its eco-social dynamics
Join the seminar by Leander Gussmann at Department for Cross-Disciplinary Strategies in cooperation with Klasse für Alle
dates & times
Dienstag 10 October 2023, 10:15–12:00
Dienstag 24 October 2023, 10:15–12:00
Dienstag 07 November 2023, 10:15–12:00
Dienstag 21 November 2023, 10:15–12:00
Dienstag 05 December 2023, 10:15–12:00
location CDS Studio
registration e-mail to: and/or

The one-semester transdisciplinary and practice-oriented seminar focuses on the interview as a social science methodology and an artistic strategy. Rooted in the principles of practice-led research, this seminar encourages you to explore the multifaceted character of interviews, not merely as a method of data collection but as an artistic form. Engaging with interviews as an artistic strategy, you will discover dialogic ways to communicate ideas, evoke emotions, and connect with audiences.

Hands-on Engagement with Artistic Practice: This course offers the tools and guidance to transform conversations into artistic research. You will be empowered to produce and edit interviews using professional audio equipment and transcription software. You will learn the theoretical underpinnings through readings, discussions, and a hands-on approach and actively engage in the production process, reflecting on integrating theory and practice.

Artistic Research: We will foster a productive environment where you can experiment, reflect, and evolve. The emphasis on practice-led research encourages you to approach interviews with a new perspective, exploring how this method can be adapted to create resonant research. By fostering a collaborative and supportive learning atmosphere, we invite all students to work with each other in peer processes, enhancing the collective learning experience.

Cooperation with Klasse für Alle: For the focused development of the research and the interviews, there is a collaboration with Klasse für Alle.
We will produce a set of connected interview-related works within the context of themes of gardens and nature. The work of Klasse für Alle emphasizes the garden as a communal space and focuses on its eco-social dynamics. Through hands-on engagement, participants will transform conversations into resonant research, reflecting the principles of global, anti-colonial, and queer-feminist ideas of care and repair in relation to gardening.

exploring city nature with young people
a cooperation with hobby lobby

with Magdalena Stückler, Ritger Traag and guests (Isa Klee and others)
dates Mondays 5-6 pm (starting October 2)
location Markhof, Markhofgasse 19, 1030 Wien

©Klasse für Alle, Magdalena Stückler, Ritger Traag

The environment / city will be explored through different practices – actively, processually we come closer to the subject: looking for material, being autonomous and working with the immediate. Different sessions will take place, starting with frottage drawing we will capture and observe the structures and forms of public space. On a walk to explore the urban wilderness with Isa Klee, we will closely observe our surroundings and find insect nesting sites in the urban interstices. Using the knowledge we have learned, we will work together to (re)build sculptural dwellings using found materials from nature and clay. Own work sessions will bring the handling of the materials closer. Your own imagination and interpretation are very welcome! Later these dwellings will be brought back to the city (nature).


urban nature explorations with young people
a cooperation with hobby lobby

with Magdalena Stückler, Ritger Traag, Isa Klee
Dates Friday 15:30-16:30
Location Markhof, Markhofgasse 19, 1030 Vienna

What is your relationship with nature? What cool things have you experienced in nature? Do you like insects?
At the Markhof we get to use four raised beds and cut the blackberries and raspberries; build deadwood piles around the WOODLET, continue building the insect nesting house, and in the meadow there are crocuses and other geophytes; the dirndls are blooming yellow in the yard right now. We also draw plans and our sprouting ideas, build insect houses out of ceramics, find endless diverse structures, and even clay in the middle of the city and learn to orient ourselves with compasses and self-drawn city maps.

session 10: Friday 12.5.23
Bookbinding, Frottage drawings

Fotos © Magdalena Stückler

session 8: Friday 28.4.23
Excursion to St. Marx Skatepark and urban garden. Garden / skaters community, herb quests

Fotos ©Ritger Traag

session 7: Friday 21.4.23
Placing the finished insect/bird houses made in session 2 in the courtyard of Hobby Lobby, looking at the seeds that have grown in the Hochbett and putting dead branches in the courtyard.

Fotos ©Ritger Traag

session 4: Friday 24.3.23
Planting, seeding in the courtyard of Hobby Lobby and talking about nature.

Fotos ©Ritger Traag

session 4: Friday 24.3.23
Sarah from CentrumWurfKeramik got invited to join in this session and together with the kids we threw some clay in a public space. Giving the kids more consciousness about ‘their’ public space, what clay is and the hidden beauty of their surroundings.

Fotos ©Ritger Traag

session 3: Friday 17.3.23
Documenting the surrounding public space using the ‘Frottage’ technique. This session functions as a prequel to the next session with Sarah from CentrumWurfKeramik

Fotos ©Ritger Traag + Magdalena Stückler

session 2: Friday 10.3.23
Awareness of different non-human species: Letting the kids place themselves in the shoes of insects/birds and create the ideal house as if it were theirs from clay

Fotos ©Magdalena Stückler

session #1: Friday 3.3.23
Wir machen uns mit diesen Insekten vertraut, die wir später in unserer Stadt/Natur Umgebung suchen werden: gehörnte Mauerbiene, Mauersegler, Große Klette, gefleckte Ameisenjungfer, Kohlmeise, Amsel, Schwebefliege, Tauben, Stieglitze, Aaskrähen, Marienkäfer, …

Fotos ©Isa Klee