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With the new Klasse für Alle, the University of Applied Arts Vienna will
start its program of continuing education for all, beginning October 1st, 2021.
Klasse für Alle is inviting in particula a public beyond the context of the university. Everybody interested in discussing, reflecting and helping shape social change is welcome to join.
The urgency of ongoing existential threats is calling for collective action and dialogue. We invite people of all backgrounds, ages, cultures and of different interests, with or without prior education, to join us making  futures for coming generations and learn how to be truly present. 
In Klasse für Alle we will learn in cooperation with each other and from each other, as non-hierarchical as possible. Artists and other specialists (from Angewandte and beyond) will join and guide the process. Mutual respect and valuing each other’s opinions form the basis of learning together.